Vocabulary is clearly an important a part of language learning and teaching vocabulary in a productive method is something which have to be on the forefront of our minds as teachers of English. The conclusion of this paper is by making use of the acceptable method in teaching speaking, it can help the English teacher to overcome some problems in teaching talking. Teaching is a process to transfer the information and the supplies to the students through the use of some strategies which might be suitable with the matter in the studying course of.teaching

THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THEME-BASED TEACHING IN READING ACTIVITIES TO IMPROVE STUDENTS’ READING SKILL : An Action Research in Grade Three of Elementary School. Strictly specific grammar examine however, and even grammar-centered lessons are sometimes not communicatively primarily based. To evaluation the data by way of the interview methodology and statement is that using descriptive methods, In this case, the author used the remark, interview and speech take a look at as the method to analysis the data.

Aspects of English language grammar that may supply exceptional problem to EFL college students embody use of word order, determiners (this, that, these, these, a, an, the), prepositions (in, on, at, by, for, from, of), auxiliaries (do, be, have), conjunctions (however, so, nevertheless, subsequently, although, although), interrogatives, intensifiers (some, any, few, more, too) and distinctions between modal verbs (can, might, would, ought to, might, may, should).

There are two principal kinds of teaching technique which are non-participatory technique and participatory technique, they’re thought-about as the major classes although on non-participatory methods just one sort’s can used which is lecture methodology. Teachers have to be¬†flexible in their strategies and often alter their type of teaching to accommodate their college students. Although there are lots of approaches in teaching speaking, the learning process nonetheless faces many failures.

In the external problem, teaching talking has problem to make appropriate classroom hours, as a result of usually in the junior or senior high school English lesson solely four hour per week, in order that they do restricted time and they don’t maximize of their capability in English, they don’t have the maximal time to apply within the exterior of classroom as a result of the instructor should educate appropriate with the syllabus from the federal government, remembering that there is ultimate examination from the government.teachingteaching